72 Hours Contraceptive Pill

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72 Hours Contraceptive PillEver heard of the emergency contraceptive pill? Emergency contraceptive pill or otherwise known as ECP or the “morning after pill” is among the types of birth control measures used to prevent pregnancy.  As the term suggests, it is an emergency measure taken when the woman has had sexual intercourse with the absence of any contraceptive method such as condom, pills, contraceptive injection, and many others.  Typically, this is taken 24-72 hours post coital, but others research says that it can be used within 120 hours after sex though the effectiveness is decreased.  So, how does the 72 hours contraceptive pill work?

How Does the 72-hours Contraceptive Pill Work?

The pill works by interrupting the hormones to avoid being pregnant by giving the woman’s body a high burst of synthetic hormones. The drug therefore acts by preventing ovulation or fertilization.

How to Use 72 Hours Contraceptive Pill

Actually, the usage depends on several brands of ECPs.  But in general, the first dose is taken as possible once unprotected sex occurred.  Again, it may be taken after 120 hours, but the chance of getting pregnant is high.  Therefore, it is recommended that for the drug to be effective, it should be taken 24-72 hours to prevent implantation.  The second dose should then be taken 12 hours after the first dose.  If you are sexually active, you can start taking oral contraceptive pills such as Yasmin after using ECPs.

Side Effects

Although there are side effects of the pill, they rarely occur.  However, some women may experience headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, and bleeding. Oftentimes, the effects are resolved within two days.  In instances when the side effects don’t seem to go away after days, a visit to the doctor is highly beneficial.

The availability of the morning after pill varies from one region to another, so if you’re wondering what you can get on your area; make sure to ask your local health stores about it. Good luck!






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