Baby Rashes on Face

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Baby Rashes on FaceBasically, different types and causes may be responsible why rashes on your baby’s face as well as other parts of the body including the head, neck, chest, and legs appear.  Some are thought to be harmless and considered just a phase where an infant or a toddler may experience.  However, the discomfort it may give to your little one may be disheartening to a parent.  Therefore as a parent, you must engage yourself in identifying what could the rash on the body mean to prompt treatment immediately.  Thus we give you baby rashes on face.  Learn more by reading the article below.

Baby Rashes on Face

Baby Acne. As the term suggests, it may manifest symptoms of red lesions particularly on the infant’s cheeks and forehead. This is caused by hormonal changes and it doesn’t require any treatment since it resolves on its own.

Infant Eczema. This may be seen not just on the face, but as well as the other parts of the body especially the trunk.  Infant eczema is manifested by reddish patches and bumpy scales of skin and starts during a month to five month old.  Suspected cases of infant eczema may be consulted to your doctor since this may be gotten from food thus changes in diet is necessary.  Moisturizing creams and steroid creams are beneficial on how to treat the condition.

Seborrheic Dermatitis. This is otherwise known as seborrhea and it usually starts by one month of age.  Reddish lesions and yellowish scales and flakes may be seen on the part where hair usually grows.  The exact cause for the condition is unknown, however this will go away in days to weeks and parents may rely on steroid creams on how to cure it.

Others. Other causes may be due to baby heat rash, baby hives, baby yeast infection, rubeola, and rusoela which are brought about by excessive heat and diaper rash.

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive thus utmost care should be done to prevent worsening of the condition.  Primarily, there are a lot of home remedies you can do which can serve as treatment for the condition.  But in instances when the symptoms do not seem to resolve on their own, medical attention may then be sought.




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