Bad Breath Home Treatment

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Bad Breath Home TreatmentBad breath or known formally as halitosis happens to every individual at times.  Transient halitosis may be acceptable, however when it has become chronic, this can be way too embarrassing especially when you get to talk to a lot of people.  This is not life threatening, but would you still wait to become friendless and annoy people with your pungent breath?  I know you wouldn’t, therefore, follow some of the bad breath home treatment to help you fight off the condition.  But before that, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the condition occurs.

Causes of Halitosis

The origins of halitosis is said to be due to odor producing bacteria in the mouth particularly under the tongue. Generally, it is a result of poor oral hygiene as well as the use of dentures and braces where food particles may be left lodged on the teeth. In addition, what you put in your mouth adds up to the various reasons why you have bad breath. Foods such as garlic, onions, and spices are responsible for this. Cigarette smoking and dry mouth are also associated with its occurrence. Medical conditions such as gum diseases, dental decay, respiratory tract infections, gastritis, stomach and digestive tract diseases, post nasal drip in children, and a lot more. Finally, medication can also contribute to the symptoms of smelly breath.

Stopping poor breath requires a visit to the dentist as he will be of great help to cure the condition. Once the causes have been identified and proper treatment has been done to eliminate the problem, you can opt for some natural remedies and natural cures alongside homeopathic treatment to help you with your quest. Here are some tips about bad breath home treatment.

Bad Breath Home Treatment

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing your teeth every after meal. Flossing should be practiced as well to get rid of the food particles left on the mouth area. Clean the surfaces of the tongue with a tongue cleaner or scraper to help get rid of the debris.
  • Make a solution out of baking soda and warm water. Gargle the solution in the morning to help in treating the condition.
  • Gargle with over the counter mouthwash after brushing the teeth. Choose products without alcohol and dyes on it as they may cause dry mouth which aggravates the problem even more.
  • As for the home drugs, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda solution may be gargled regularly.
  • Parsley is among the home remedy noted to eliminate smelly breath. Naturally, this contains chlorophyll which is known to produce a deodorizing effect.
  • Since dryness of the mouth can cause halitosis, you can keep your mouth wet by chewing sugarless gum. This will help produce saliva thus reducing foul odor.
  • Fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, fenugreek seeds, etc are common home remedies which can be chewed to have fresh breath.

Systemic and any underlying medical conditions should be treated to help in preventing poor breath. Follow some of the bad breath home treatment to put an end to the annoying and pungent smell.




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