Best Cure for Hangover

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Best Cure for HangoverThe amount of alcohol that a person can take varies from one individual to another.  Some may drink just a little, while others can drink up to the point of being intoxicated. However, excessive alcohol drinking always boils down to one thing and it’s none other than – hangover.  Hangover is really a big pain in the ass.  Primarily, the best cure for hangover is to avoid drinking in the first place.  But if you’ve done it already and your stuck with this annoying after effect, here are some hang over remedies and top cures you can do to eliminate the situation.

How to Treat Hangover

  • Get plenty of rest.  Sleeping is the best way to get rid of this nasty feeling.  Allow your body to recuperate from the tiring night you’ve had.
  • Rehydrate.  The primary reason why you get the symptoms of hangover such as vomiting, dizziness, nausea, and headache is due to dehydration.  Therefore, you need to replenish your system by drinking generous amounts of fluids especially sports drink which can serve as replacement for the electrolytes lost.  Avoid caffeinated drinks since they tend to make you urinate more thus adding up to the dehydration.
  • Taking an alternate warm and cold bath is another best way to get rid of hangovers.
  • There isn’t a single best medication or medicine taken to get a way from the big headache you’re feeling.  Although acetaminophen or Tylenol, aspirin, and ibuprofen may be ingested, they may cause stomach ache and bleeding and can cause damage to the liver.
  • Drinking pickle juice is a polish way and considered a common remedy on how to get rid of hangovers.

Hangovers take time to resolve and apparently no extra treatment is needed aside from providing comfort to the sufferer.  It usually resolves on its own, however you can follow some of the best cure for hangover mentioned above to get rid of it fast.




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