Best Exercises for Elderly

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best exercises for elderlyFor seniors and old people, they shy away from exercising because of the thought that it may be bad for them. In reality though, performing exercises can definitely help them increase their optimal health and cut down the risk of injuries and other serious medical conditions. For as long as the exercises for senior citizens are not that strenuous, elderly people will definitely be able to perform activities of daily living independently. Enough said about exercising, this post gives you tips about the best exercises for elderly. Here are some which you can practice.

Best Exercises for Elderly

As stated by the National Institute of Health, exercise programs for senior citizens should revolve around four avenues such as the following:

  • Endurance Activities – this type is otherwise known as cardiovascular exercises. Some of the drills included here are walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming. The type helps to keep your heart pumping thus allowing your blood to circulate well in the whole system.  Endurance activities should be done for atleast 30-60 minutes.
  • Balance Exercises – these are greatly beneficial to cut down the risk of fall and injuries. Leg exercises can be done by standing on one leg at a time and repeating it on the other leg. Through balance exercises, hip fractures are reduced and muscles in the legs are built.
  • Strengthening Exercises – through this, your stamina is improved and your muscles are prevented from being atrophied due to increasing age. Strength activities usually require the use of certain machines or equipment. Weight lifting is also preset as part of the routine. Arm raises and plantar flexions can be done as well as other simple measures like lifting free weights can be beneficial in strength training.
  • Stretching Exercises – these activities can help you keep your joints, bones, and muscles in shape. They make them flexible and allow you to move freely. In addition, it makes your muscles, joints, and bones less stiff thus reducing the occurrences of injuries, too. The upper body, back, neck, elbows, and lower extremities should also be included during stretches.

In addition, abs exercises through abdominal workout like pelvic tilt and seated oblique twists may also be incorporated along the other four activities to help develop stronger muscles.  Whether you’ve decided to enroll in exercise programs at the gym or perform them while watching fitness programs on DVD, aging process is apparently defied and your overall health is just completely perfect.




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Date: August 3, 2011 | Category: General Health
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