Best Medicine for Dry Cough

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dry coughCough, as defined by WebMD, refers to the body’s way of removing foreign material from the lungs and passages of the upper respiratory tract. Contrary to what other people believe, cough is only a symptom of an underlying medical condition and not a disease itself.

Generally, this is categorized into two – productive cough and dry cough. While productive cough may be associated with sputum, dry cough’s causes are brought about by other medical conditions such as asthma, acute bronchitis, and COPD. It may also come as an after effect of cold, flu, whooping cough, post nasal drip, and sinus infections. Cigarette smoking and the use of medications to maintain blood pressure may also bring the occurrence of dry cough. The condition may be uncomfortable since it gives a tickling feeling in the throat thus the sufferer begins to cough.  Suffering from the condition?  Then, here is some of the best medicine for dry cough. Make sure to read them below.

The easiest way to provide relief from the symptoms of dry cough is to suck on lozenges. There are medicated lozenges available which help how to treat tickling coughs.  In addition, you can also opt for cough medicines particularly antitussives which act by suppressing the cough reflex.  Dextromethorphan is known as the most widely available OTC cough medicine.  Codeine is another cough suppressant which may be effective as well, but it belongs to the prescription drugs since people tend to abuse this one. Pholcodeine is as effective as codeine and is more available than the former.

Oftentimes, antitussives may also be combined with expectorants to block the coughing reflex and loosen phlegm.  An example of this is Mucinex, but this may cause a number of side effects which is why it is important to talk with your health care provider and avoid self-medication.

Natural treatment may also be considered best remedies to help you address the solution. For instance, you can make a tea out of ginger and honey and take it atleast twice daily thus providing excellent remedy from dry cough.




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