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what is the best medicine for acne

Suffering from acne can be quite frustrating especially when trying to look for possible medications that can help you get rid of them. And while there are numerous of products booming almost everywhere to help you with your query, it can be tiresome to spend money on them only to find out that they don’t seem to work.

Blackheads, whiteheads, zits, and cystic acne – all these can definitely put you in great embarrassment and low self-esteem. Therefore, what you need to know is what the best medicine for pimples/acne is. Well, we give you some tips on how to choose acne treatment on the market that will stop making you feel worse.

What is the Best Medicine for Pimples?

Apparently, most treatments work by reducing the production of sebum, facilitating cell renewal, and combating bacteria which stop the occurrence of nasty pimples. There are different types of acne treatment available. Others may require prescription, while some are topical medications which can be applied on skin. Basically, the best part on how to go about looking for the top treatment is to ask your skin care specialist about it. But to give you an idea, read some of the greatest selections available.

  • Over the Counter Topical Creams – Some of the most common ingredients that are common when it comes to OTC topical meds are benzoyl peroxide, glycerin, and salicylic acid. The ingredients are usually mild thus helping one to eliminate pimples. Some of the best choices include Exposed Skin Care and ClearPores Acne Treatment.
  • Oral Contraceptives – Most acne in women are brought about by hormonal imbalances which is why many rely on oral contraceptives to eliminate pimples. it regulates your hormones thus improving your acne.
  • Antibiotic Therapy – Since acne is caused by bacteria, antibiotics may be used as one of the prescription drugs to provide solution to your annoying acne. This is usually taken for three months and may be used alongside your topical creams. It isn’t suggested to be used on a long term basis since one can develop resistance to it and suffer from gram-negative folliculitis.
  • IsotretinoinAccutane is another prescription drug given by doctors during instances when the acne doesn’t seem to go away despite the abovementioned remedies. This is the most ideal option for cystic acne. However, it comes with a lot of contraindications to health such as birth defects that is why a woman who’s undergoing isotretinoin therapy may not get pregnant. A couple of side effects may also be noted and causes excessive drying of the skin and oral mucosa. Finally, your liver enzymes should be monitored every after two months of use.
  • Dermatologic Procedures – When acne has created bumps and scars as well due to constant pimple popping, you can opt for cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels to help eliminate pimple scarring. The number of sessions for the procedure actually depends on the severity of the scarring.

These days, a couple of remedies are already available to help you get rid of unwanted pimples. Your only role is to talk with your dermatologist and decide on the treatment plan that you want to undertake in order to finally free yourself from low confidence that pimples give you.




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