Best Medicine for Sore Eyes

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sore eyesPink eye or conjunctivitis is another term to talk about sore eyes. This refers to the inflammation of the conjunctiva or the eye membrane which covers the whites of the eyes as well as the inner part of the eyelids.  Usual causes are bacteria, virus, and chemical factors which bring about symptoms such as pain, red, itchy, and tired and watery eyes.  Conjunctivitis is very contagious and usually goes a way in two weeks. Having said these, you might be wondering what the best medicine for sore eyes is. Luckily, we’re here to give you details about what greatest treatment you can do regarding the condition.  So, here are some of them.

Best Medication for Sore Eyes

Apparently, there are a lot of over the counter medicine for sore eyes. Many people suggest the use of eye drops and ointment to provide care for the issue. Among them are Visine, Ketotifen (Zaditor), and Naphcon. These are usually antihistamine which provides comfort to conjunctivitis. However, many contradict the use of these especially Visine since they do not really treat the condition. Moreover, prolonged use may case rebound redness of the eye. On the other hand, top OTC meds suggested also include Tobradex ointment and Neomycin Sulfate drops.

Once you’ve acquired sore eyes, it is always best to seek medical attention to categorize whether it’s bacterial or viral eye infections. This is because the best drug for bacterial sore eyes definitely won’t work for viral infections so self-medication will just worsen the symptoms. Moreover, your doctor knows better what prescription drug can be beneficial for the condition and when to discontinue such health plan.




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