Best Plastic Surgeon in the Philippines

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best plastic surgeons in the Philippines

People all over the world have always considered beauty as prized. And as a result, they go through a couple of measures as part of their never ending quest to beautify themselves and look pleasing to the society. How do they do it? The answer is through plastic surgery.

Apparently, plastic surgery has been made available even before. However, it is only recently that the procedure has become massively accepted. Really, there is nothing wrong with undergoing the knife. But it is always an SOP to do your part and consider your safety when planning to undergo surgery. With this, you need to choose the right surgeon who is board certified and has positive credentials when it comes to performing cosmetic surgery.

Having said this, this article lists some of the best plastic surgeon in the Philippines. Note that the Philippines has been one of the best plastic surgery areas since the procedures are generally cheap. Let’s take a look at the list now.

Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in the Philippines

  • Dr. Aser Acosta
  • Dr.Vicky Belo
  • Dr.Manny Calayan
  • Dr. Pie Calayan
  • Dr. Angel Cumagun
  • Dr. Marlon Lajo
  • Dr.Carlos Lasa, Jr.
  • Dr. Rino Lorenzo
  • Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona
  • Dr. Atoy Manalo

The abovementioned names have graduated from different prestigious universities in the Philippines. Moreover, they have received several trainings in a number of procedures such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, butt augmentation, and a lot more here in the Philippines and even abroad. These doctors have gained prominence in their chosen fields thus it would be great if you consider them to perform whatever plastic surgery procedure you like to eliminate complications.




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