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cheek fat removalNo girl wants a chipmunk chin. Instead, most girls opt for the V-line face which actually originated from Koreans and other Asians thus referring to that oval and slim face which narrows toward the chin. A V-line face is another way of telling how beautiful and feminine a girl is. However, not all women are given that beautiful shape of face. Therefore, it leads them to go under the knife to achieve their desire to have slim face.

Want to Lose Cheek Fat?

Being overweight or you just have a naturally round cheeks can make you think what the ways you can do are on how to get rid of buccal fat pad. Apparently, buccal lipectomy, otherwise known as cheek reduction surgery, will help you get faster and easier results regarding your quest. Buccal fat excision is another way on how it can be called. Through the surgery, one can achieve a chiseled-like face and eventually pull off the ever popular V-line face.

How Buccal Lipectomy is Done

Apparently, once you’ve decided to undergo cheek fat removal, you have to start researching thoroughly where you want the procedure done. This includes looking for a highly reputable clinic and surgeon which can offer solution to your query. A series of talks and meetings may be done with your doctor in order to ventilate your doubts and expectations regarding the surgery.

Apparently, buccal lipectomy is done as an outpatient case and local anesthesia is usually given to the patient. The entire procedure takes about and hour or two, and will start by making an incision in between the gums and cheeks. After an incision has been created, the surgeon will cut the buccinator or one of your main muscles in the cheeks. Your surgeon will allow the fat to protrude out of the incision and will eventually extract it through the use of the forceps.

Usually, this type of plastic surgery is oftentimes performed alongside other facial cosmetic surgeries thus increasing the duration of the operation.

Recovery from Cheek Fat Removal

Post-procedure, you may be awaken feeling pain and tightness in the cheek area. Your face will eventually be swollen and puffy as well. The period of recovery from the method is usually short. Oftentimes, the patients need to stay off work for about a week and prevent strain by avoiding any strenuous workload for about three weeks.

Stitches are usually removed within ten days. Home treatment should be watched carefully to reduce the risk of infection and any untoward complications. Maximum results are usually seen after three to four months.

How Much Does It Cost?

The prices generally vary depending on the clinic and the area where you’re going to have it done. The cost of the surgery usually ranges from $1500-5000 which already includes the fee for the surgeon. However, anesthetic injections and other medications may not be included in the said amount.

Cherub cheeks may be cute, but if you’re feeling ugly about it and exercises just don’t work any longer, then you can always see a doctor to plan the details of your operation and get those chubby cheeks removed. Good luck! Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some before and after photos of an individual who has undergone the operation.




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