Clearasil Overnight Wash Review

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Clearasil Overnight Wash

With the many products surfacing the market nowadays, most people who are tying to look for the miracle solution to combat pimples may be disappointed. Many skin care products will definitely promise clear skin in a couple of days, only to find out that your zits have only worsened.

There isn’t any single miracle solution designed to battle against pimple woes. In addition, its effectiveness may vary from one person to another. But today, we’ll try to cite one product which isn’t a miracle solution either, but it’s definitely worth your read. With this, we give you Clearasil overnight wash review.

Clearasil Overnight Wash – What it is

Clearasil is dermatologist and scientifically tested to work with one’s skin which definitely reduces redness and pimple size the next morning. It is best applied at night while one is asleep since the skin has reduced oil and pH at night thus allowing your skin to absorb the product quickly, get rid of dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria, and therefore fighting off acne and pimples. Its active ingredient includes salicylic acid known as one of the properties essential for fighting off pimples. Other ingredients include glycerin, water, PEG-200, Hydrogenated castor oil, and a lot more.

Just like any other facial wash, the product lathers up really well and you’ll feel that it’s creamier and more gentle thus leaving your face clean, moisturized and preventing dryness of the facial skin. But what sets the wash apart from other facial products is that it comes in a cool pump bottle which can be locked and be brought with you even when you’re on a travel. Clearasil Overnight Wash is available at your local health stores at a price of about $10.

Although the results may vary, overall the product is welcomed as an addition to your bathroom necessities. Just be careful that it won’t get into your eyes though since it may be irritating. Finally, if there is presence of skin irritation, discontinue use at once and seek the help of your dermatologist. But as far as detailing about Clearasil overnight wash, the abovementioned information may be a big help.




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