Colon Cancer Survival Rate Stage 4

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colon cancer stage 4

Statistics says that colon cancer, otherwise called as colorectal cancer and bowel cancer, is one of the most leading causes of cancer worldwide. Although this may be life threatening, detecting it early can make a big impact in saving lives. Apparently, the specific cause of this cancer is unknown, but a lot of predisposing factors put one at risk to having the condition such as:

  • Familial history
  • Increasing age (50 and up)
  • Diet high in processed meats
  • Cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol drinking
  • Bowel diseases
  • Benign polyps which progress to cancer

Its signs and symptoms often resembles other intestinal cancer or disease such as narrowed or pencil-like stools, blood in the stool., change in bowel movement, pain or tenderness in the abdomen, unintentional weight loss, fatigue, and vomiting.

Stages of Colorectal Cancer

Generally, staging for the condition is done through a number of methods such as the ranking of the tumor and its location or better known as TNM classification. However, the Dukes classification is the most common way on how to tell how far the disease has progressed.

  • Stage 0. Found in the colon’s innermost lining
  • Stage 1 (Dukes A). tumor has spread to the innermost lining up to the inner wall of the colon
  • Stage 2 (Dukes B). tumor is larger and has spread to the colon’s muscular wall
  • Stage 3 (Dukes C). tumor has spread outside the colon and to the nearby lymph nodes
  • Stage 4 (Dukes D). has spread outside the colon to the other parts of the body such as lungs and liver

Once the disease has reaches the latest stage, rate of survival usually decreases. So, what is the survival rate of colon cancer stage 4? Let’s see.

Colon Cancer Survival Rate Stage 4

If stage 4 colorectal cancer has been diagnosed, its prognosis is considered the worst since the tumor might have metastasized to other parts of the body particularly the liver and lungs. Based on cure rate figures, its 5-year survival rate is noted to be around 8-10 percent.

But all hope is not lost. Treatment such as resectioning of the colon may be a part of it. Through the surgery, the affected section of the colon will be removed by the surgeon. Moreover, the remaining healthy sections will be joined altogether thus forming a new and healthy piece. Radiation and chemotherapy are also suggested to remove symptoms.

Yes, colon cancer stage 4 may seem like a dreadful stage especially after seeing that survival rate is pretty low. However, an ounce of prevention is better than cure. Therefore, screening as well as being alert and mindful with the symptoms felt should be talked with your doctor immediately to avoid it from progressing to a later stage. Good luck!




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