Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

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does coffee can stunt your growthFor most people, they can hardly start their day unless they get a sip of their hot coffee like espresso.  Although it provides a significant energy boost to some people, many are still asking “Can coffee really stunt your growth?” It has become a pretty common query that many people are trying to find out which is really true.

Not only the adults are concerned with the idea since they wanted to spare their kids from the thought that caffeine stunts children’s growth thus affecting their height. But what is really true? Does coffee can stunt your growth? We’ll learn more by reading the rest of the article below.

Drinking Coffee – Does It Inhibit Growth?

Although many studies say that growth is stunted by drinking coffee, most researches say that it is a myth. No, it doesn’t hinder one to grow taller. But the issue there is that the drink contains caffeine which is known to be a central nervous system stimulant. Increased consumption of it can give one anxiety, nervousness, stomach upset, inability to concentrate, elevated blood pressure, and difficulty sleeping. Therefore, one has to cut back drinking caffeine such as coffee and tea.  but cutting back intake should not be done abruptly because it can cause withdrawal symptoms such as terrible headache and increased heart rate.

And while it doesn’t end growth, intake should be limited since caffeine is known to be diuretic which causes one to pass urine more which may contribute to dehydration. Drinking coffee instead of milk in children is also linked to weakening bones and teeth which is why it should not be used as replacement for kids.

Again, coffee doesn’t stunt growth. And while you got an answer to that query there, it still pays to think that everything should be taken in moderation. You can always allow your kids to consume caffeine-rich items provided that you serve them foods with high nutrition as well which will therefore promote ways on how their height can be increased.

What stunts your growth then? Click on the link to learn more.




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Date: October 19, 2011 | Category: General Health
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