First Aid for Electrical Shock

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first aid for electric shock

Electric shock is known to be one of the causes of most injuries every year. Cases of it are usually attributed to faulty electrical outlet and appliances for cooking and other household equipment. eMedicine defines electric shock as an occurrence where electric current passes through the body once he gets contact into its source. Its effects usually range from slight injury to severe one which can be fatal and will eventually lead to abnormal heart rhythm and burns.

While medical treatment is the obvious way to on how to deal with the problem, it is always better to learn some techniques on how to handle the situation in order to prevent devastating effect to the sufferer. However, the first aid responder should also take necessary precautions as it may be quite dangerous responding to the victim. So, how do you deal with an electric shock case? Here’s how.

Basic First Aid for Electrical Shock

Electrocution sufferers will usually display symptoms such as unconsciousness, burns, muscle spasms, tingling and numbing sensations, seizures, cardiac arrest, and respiratory failure. And while waiting for the medical treatment, you can start responding to the victim by:

  • Shutting down any power source to prevent transfer of electricity to you. When this can’t be done though, make use of non-conductor materials such as plastic or wood.
  • Check the patient’s ABCs – airway, breathing, and circulation. Once you feel that they are weak or absent, perform CPR immediately if you are a trained provider.
  • Shock may be present as well. Shock prevention may be administered by putting the victim in the position where the head is lower than the trunk and the legs are elevated.
  • Burn injuries should also be assessed and should be given first aid as well by covering the areas with sterile gauze or cloth. The cloth should be loosely tied to them. Apply other first aid treatment for burns.

Electrical shock is once again extremely dangerous. Moreover, it can happen to all ages, but with knowledge on how to administer basic first aid for electrical shock, you’re on the right track to saving a life. Good luck!




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