Foods to Avoid During Your Period

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foods to avoid during periodDo you feel that having your monthly period is a torture to you? It’s easy, certain food items are to be avoided during period. Some people may think it’s nonsense but it’ll give you more energy and will keep you healthier and avoid pain while having your period. Don’t feel so frustrated for it’ll be just for a few days. Menstruation is a usual thing among girls out there, deprive yourself with some food items for a while to stay away from pain and problems during menstruation.

Most girls do experience menstrual cramps and felt how the pain strikes so it is necessary to take care of the diet during periods. Knowing this will let you stay away from all those aches and pains. Sometimes, it really helps if you know are informed.

What Foods to Stay Away From During Your Period

  • Eating something salty and sweet may be tempting during period but they are to be avoided for quite a time. Instead eat fruits of vegetables, have some salad to keep your energy. Sweets worsen menstruation. Avoid those that are with refined sugar, substitute that craving with healthy food items such as those that are rich in carbohydrates, fruits and whole grain brad for example.
  • Stay away from food items that keep hold of water from the body. Salt has a great capacity to retain water. Do not eat food that are of great salt like junk food, food at restaurants and those that has high sodium content.
  • There may be a misconception about taking in liquor during menstruation, they say, when you drink some, it’ll be good for it promotes good flow of blood but liquor  must be avoided instead drink plenty of water. As well, stay away from soda, chocolates and those that are caffeinated drinks and food items.

Stop the craving of these food items for some days to stay away from bad cramps. I did not know how to control the pain until I wrote this article. Be guided and stay healthy at all times even when it’s your monthly period.




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Date: October 7, 2011 | Category: General Health
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