Health Effects of Being Underweight

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Health Effects of Being UnderweightOne of the signs of being unhealthy is not having the standard weight you are to have and that you are either over or underweight. We sometimes just look at those people who have greater risk of having serious problems on health not knowing that the underweight people can also be at risk. To maintain a healthy body, you must be conscious of your own weight. Some of those health problems that bring about by being underweight are cancer, bone and joint problems, respiratory and digestive problems and a lot more. Who wouldn’t want to live long, right? And so having a normal weight is necessary.

Being Underweight – Health Risks

  • Because of poverty problems, a lot of people are malnourished and that results to being overweight. A person must have the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and strong, to be able to the tasks everyday. Sometimes, those who do not have much to eat and who skips meals for many times may have an effect and may suffer to mental related diseases.
  • If the body is not filled with the vitamins and minerals needed to be fit, you are more at risk to diseases, your immune system may get weak and will not function well and is less able to fight diseases. You will feel sickly most of the time.
  • There are certain disorders pertaining to weight loss, it can be anorexia or bulimia. Those disorders may affect your eating habits and that results to weight loss.
  • People who are underweight are fond of eating food items that are empty. Choose food items that are rich in vitamins, good calories, and nutrients. They are advised to eat regularly, without skipping meals but following a routine of six meals a day in small amounts. This will help them gain weight.

Being aware of these health effects of being underweight to be more conscious about your health. Have a good routine and a plan in order for you to gain more weight and be healthy. You can take vitamins, or an appetite stimulant so you could eat more but do not just rely on supplements and vitamins, eat healthy food items along with taking them.




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Date: December 23, 2011 | Category: General Health
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