High Protein Breakfast Foods

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high protein breakfast foodsWhen asked what the most important meal in a day is, for sure, the answer is breakfast. It is even said that we should eat like a king during this meal since it doesn’t just make us feel full before lunch time, but it also allows us to concentrate in our activities of daily living.

If you’re up for planning what the best food you can eat for breakfast is, then do not ever forget your load of proteins. Allow proteins to pump up your diet thus learn more about low carb high protein breakfast foods.

High Protein Breakfast Ideas and Menu

  • Eggs – consumption of egg, particularly its white, is a good source of protein and is considered a good way to keep a healthy heart.
  • Dairy products – sure, they are protein rich. Opt for the low or non-fat products which include cheese, milk, cream cheese, and yogurt.
  • Soy – soymilk in particular can be added to your cereal recipes as another protein rich food. Moreover, soy products like tofu and beans can be added to your meals.
  • Peanut butter – add some peanut butter on your whole wheat or bagel.
  • Protein powder – add the powder into milk or water. Do some variations by adding bananas.
  • Protein shake drinks plus a bowl of cereal which is high in fiber
  • Fish such as salmon can be served with your breakfast sandwich to help you fueled up.
  • Ham, bacon, and sausage are also good, but make sure that you choose the low fat products.
  • Vegetarians may opt for a variety of protein rich vegetables.

Consumption of protein is dependent on one’s age and how healthy one is. A balanced nutrition via two to three servings of protein food is enough to meet the need for it. While other may opt for protein supplements, healthy people can basically do well without them. On a final note, do not forget to drink tons of water when consuming such foods to avoid straining your kidneys.




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