Home Remedies for Baby Teething

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natural treament for teething in babiesThe budding of your baby’s first tooth is definitely worth rejoicing as it adds up another milestone in your precious one’s life alongside crawling. How early does baby teething start? Well, it usually begins at an early age of 3 months to a year.

Signs and Symptoms of Baby Teething

Obvious signs that your infant is teething are the following:

  • Drooling
  • Irritability, crying, and wakefulness
  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Tender gums

Yes, it’s fun to observe another period in the life of your kids. However, the situation usually gives not just the baby but as well as the parent great discomfort. Unsure of what to do, mothers usually try to look for all-natural home remedies before resorting to drug treatment that will definitely help the baby ease the pain. With this, what exactly are some of the home remedies which can be used as treatment for baby teething? Find out the answers below.

Relieve Pain of Baby Teething Through Home Remedies

Basically, cold application is one of the best home remedies to help you when faced with the problem. Cold compress helps in reducing swelling and inflammation of the gums. Ice should be wrapped in a thin cloth and can be applied on the affected area. Teething rings and toys may also be put on the refrigerator and once they have gotten cold, they may be given to your children.

Another natural remedy is through massaging the gums of your kid. Slight pressure may be placed on it as it will definitely be helpful. Herbal remedies are definitely a big help. For instance, you can rub your baby’s tender gums with chamomile tea. Clove oil can be rubbed t help numb the pain as well alongside licorice tea to help soothe the problem.

When the baby starts teething, fever usually occurs as a result of the inflammation. Therefore, any problems regarding fever should be prompted immediately to prevent untoward incidents. Finally, since it will be extremely discomfort for your little one, it will surely help to provide your kiddo with lots of cuddling and a breath of fresh air.




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