Home Remedies for Baby Thrush

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home remedies for baby thrushAs a new mother who is trying to nurse your baby, you might have been faced with that moment when you notice that there is cheese-like appearance in your baby’s mouth. Yes, it is alarming since it can bring about other health issues to your baby, but with proper understanding of the problem, you’ll be able to get rid of it and spare your little one from the annoying effects it may give.

Apparently, that cheese-like appearance that you see is referred to as oral thrush. One of its causes is linked to candida yeast infection which affects the mouth and inside of the cheeks of almost all newborns, infants, and during toddler stage. The problem may also manifest in other parts of the body such as in the nipples for breastfeeding moms which can be contagious and be passed onto the baby.

One of the symptoms includes white patches on the tongue which eventually bleed. The thrush doesn’t seem to be easily wiped away even if one attempts to remove it from the tongue. Your baby may feel fussy about it, but generally it doesn’t require a trip to the hospital. Instead, you can employ some of these home remedies for baby thrush as treatment to get your children some relief.

Natural Remedies on How to Cure Baby Thrush

  • When talking about natural home remedy, many attest by the effectiveness of coconut oil. The oil contains caprylic acid which is known to fight off fungal infections such as this. Pure and raw coconut oil can be dabbed on a thin cloth and can be wiped onto your baby’s mouth gently.
  • Another way on how to treat the problem is by mixing water with sodium bicarbonate. Wet the thin cloth with the mixture and apply in thrush around mouth. This is known to be an excellent way on how to increase the skin’s pH thus helping in eliminating the problem.
  • Yogurt may also be fed to children since it’s known to keep candida albicans at bay. It has live bacteria which eventually combats yeast infections.
  • Calendula tea swabbed on the inside of your mouth’s baby is also another effective way to help you with the issue.
  • Rose honey applied on the interior of your baby’s mouth is guaranteed to work best as well.
  • With a small amount of grapeseed extract, disinfect your little one’s things such as bottles, pacifiers, toys that your baby chews, etc in order to prevent transfer of the fungus. Air dry these things as much as possible to avoid candida from thriving into them.

All these natural home remedies are said to be safe for use to your baby’s condition. However, it is always your task to read the labels carefully and contemplate whether any of these remedies can pose harm to your baby. But as far as home remedies for baby thrush is concerned, the tips mentioned above will surely help you.




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