Home Remedies for Cigarette Cravings

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home remedies for cigarette cravingsWe’ve been reminded several times how cigarette or tobacco smoking is bad for our health since it poses us to increased risk of heart disease and cancer. However, the nicotine which is one of the main components of cigarette is just addictive enough that even when we battle so hard to quit smoking, we still feel some urge of intense cravings and longing for a stick of cigar.  It may not be a simple task, but of the good it will give you if you finally end up your smoking habit. Caught up in the exact situation? Here are some home remedies for cigarette cravings.

Fight Intense Nicotine Cravings

Divertional Activities – Do you know how long smoker’s cravings last? The average is 5 minutes. Therefore, in the instance when you suddenly felt an urge to smoke, one of the ways to stop smoking is to keep yourself busy. Divert your attention to other things such as talking with a friend or family member, trying to go for a walk or minimal exercises, chewing sugarless gum, or eating foods which are of the same shape as that of a cigarette stick. In addition, you should also keep yourself away from people who smoke and places where you have a tendency to smoke.

Citrus Fruits – It is also noted that one way on how to quite nicotine craving is through consumption of citrus fruits. This is for the reason that they help eliminate nicotine in the body faster by making your urine acidic. Some of the fruits you can consume include orange juice, tangerines, lemons, and pomelos.

Alternative Treatment – When there is hunger for some nicotine, alternative therapies such as massage and acupuncture will generally help. Exercise may also be done to help nicotine addiction and avoid you from gaining weight as a result of withdrawal from the issue. There also exist electronic cigarettes readily available to help you with the problem.

You’ve finally decided to quit smoking and you should be highly commended for that. The only struggle you have now is how to keep away from the urge and promise yourself to never try smoking again. All the best!




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Date: December 8, 2011 | Category: General Health
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