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Wearing medium hair and you feel that your hair is taking a long time to grow? Then you might be looking for ways on how to make it grow longer. Okay, so we are not going to suggest you wear hair extensions since this post will center on home remedies for longer hair. So to find out more, we recommend you continue reading the rest of the article below.

Home Remedies for Faster Hair Growth

Getting a trim once a month is said to be one of the most tested measures for faster growing hair. Doing so will help you eliminate the split ends which make the hair unhealthy thus giving it a fresh start. Make it a point to get your hair trimmed to ensure that it will help grow longer fast.

As for home remedies, the gel of the aloe vera plant rubbed on the scalp is noted to show wonders as well in allowing the hair to grow longer. This is done daily and can be left on the scalp for a couple of minutes before putting on your favorite shampoo. Another is by utilizing olive oil. Massage the oil onto scalp, wrap the hair using a towel and leave it overnight. Rinse it off immediately in the morning. The routine can be done once a week. These remedies may be done for men as well.

In addition, the oil of the sunflower added with a part of lime juice is said to be effective as well in helping the hair grow longer and faster. The mixture can be massaged on the scalp and hair for atleast 10 minutes before washing it off completely. Do this once daily.

Since your hair is made up of protein, it is also necessary that you pay attention to your diet. Therefore, you have to increase your intake of foods rich in protein such as fruits and vegetables as well as meat sources. Other vitamins essential for hair growth such as Vitamin B6 and folic acid may be taken as well. Finally, circumstances should be handles carefully such as stress management since it can affect the growth of your tresses.

For your hair care issues, the tips given above may be done religiously to achieve maximum results. In instances when it doesn’t resolve despite following the measures, you don’t have to fret since our hair has its own pace of growing. Good luck!




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