Home Remedies for PockMarks

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pockmarks home remediesSome people are lucky enough to be born with flawless skin, while others are left with a curse caused by numerous pockmarks.  What is a pockmark, anyways? Well, the term is associated with the scarring of the skin caused by severe acne.  A feat on removal of acne scars is no easy.  There is a lot of dermatological treatment available to help you with your quest, but let me remind you that it may require you to shell out some resources.  Luckily, you can also opt for effective home remedies for pockmarks.  So, what are some that you can do? Read on to find out.

Home Treatments for Pock Marks

Lemon juice. Most probably, you are very much aware of the lemon juice’s ability to whiten the complexion of the skin.  However, the juice is also noted to be beneficial on how to get rid of pockmarks.  The juice of the lemon contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid thus help in clearing acne scars.  It’s juice may be applied to the skin at night.  Allow it to sit for atleast 15 minutes before finally rinsing off.  But take note that if you have sensitive skin, this may burn the skin.

Honey. Generally, honey is widely used natural treatment in treatment of skin conditions.  This is due to its antifungal property which helps to smoothen the skin.  This can be applied and left on skin for atleast 15 minutes.  Rinse it off and pat dry the skin.

Aloe Vera. Among the herbal remedies, the gel from the aloe vera plant has been widely popular.  The plant has the ability to heal skin tissues thus it is commonly used by burn patients and even in treating pockmarks.  Apply its gel directly on the affected site on a regular basis.

Soyabean Paste. This may be applied on the affected marks for half an hour before finally rinsing off with lukewarm water.  This must be done atleast three times weekly.

Baking Soda. You will certainly benefit a lot by making a mixture out of baking soda and Vitamin E.  This helps in minimizing the appearance of the acne scars by applying the mixture on the face for atleast ten minutes and then rinse with cool water.

Having smooth and blemish free skin is what everybody wants to have.  Although you have suffered from the nasty marks caused by acne, hope is not lost especially when you have these home remedies for pock marks.  Stay beautiful!




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