Home Remedies for Smelly Feet

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stinky or smelly feetSo you want to try a good pair of shoes and right after you’ve kicked off you shoes, you’ve wondered where the heck did the people go to. Uh-oh, guess you got a fishy problem there, huh. You just might be suffering from foot odor or medically known as bromohydrosis. Generally, what causes the condition is the bacteria which feed on your warm and moist feet. These bacteria feeding on your feet will lead to occurrence of sweaty feet thus creating such pungent smell that tends to shy people away.

Suffering from stinky feet is definitely no laughing matter since it leads one to face huge embarrassment. And if you’re among the sufferers, there is nothing to worry about as thus article will list down some tips about home remedies for smelly feet. Free your tootsies from such as stenchy experience by using some of the natural cures below.

How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet

Starting off on how to resolve bad odor from feet is to wash your tootsies on a regular basis using an antibacterial soap. Many individuals use on acne soap as treatment for the bad smell from the foot since the soap is an antibacterial which gets rid of toxins in the body. It is pretty important to dry the feet after you’ve washed them off to prevent bacteria from feeding on them.

Soaking your feet in black tea for 30 minutes daily is another natural remedy to provide an answer fo the problem. Basically, the tea consists of tannic acid which acts to help fight bacteria and prevent them from being sweaty. Applying some radish juice is another natural cure since it is considered a naturally deodorant thus keeping your feet from smelling. Detoxify your system ang get rid of the smell by drinking plenty of water and eating cilantro especially that it’s noted as good detoxifier.

Other preventive measure should be observed to free yourself from the embarrassing situation like:

  • Use foot powder before putting on socks
  • Opt for cotton socks instead of the synthetic ones to absorb sweat from foot.
  • Get rid of stinky and smelly shoes by trying not to use the same footwear for two consecutive days.  Allow your shoes to be air dried to prevent occurrence of smell.
  • Avoid consumption of foods such as garlic and onion as well as other strong spices.  Easting them creates a powerful smell in you thus leading to foul odor.

We all experience smelly feet at some point in our lives. Usually, we need to be diligent when it comes to go about preventing them to happen. However, when the home remedies for smelly feet given above seems to be not working, a visit to a medical professional maybe needed to provide care for any underlying condition.




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