How Do I Get Rid of Pink Eye?

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how do i get rid of pink eyeDo you have symptoms of persistent itchy inside your eyes which are associated with pus or green-like discharge? If you do, you might be suffering from pink eye or sore eyes. The condition is medically known as conjunctivitis and it refers to the inflammation of the inner eyelid and the thin covering of the eyeball.

The occurrence of sore eyes may be due to an allergy, bacterial, or viral infection. The symptoms it gives are just discomforting since your eyes tend to become itchy and watery letting you rub them more. Pain may be felt at times and there is inability to see things clearly. The condition is a big pain and if you’re suffering from it, you may have thought of “How do I get rid of pink eye?” Lucky you, as we’ll give you the answers below.

Pink Eye Treatment

The method on how do you get rid of conjunctivitis is dependent on what causes the problem. For instance, if the reason is due to an allergy, its treatment may consist of steroid use and antihistamines to get rid of pink eye fast. Visine and Ketotifen are some of the OTC drugs available for use.

For bacterial infections, the case may respond through antibiotic therapy which may be taken orally or applied topically. But the use of antibiotics has to be prescribed by your doctor since dosage is based on a couple of variables. Moreover, the patient has to seek check-up every two days to monitor response to treatment.  On the other hand, most instances of the condition are due to a virus. And unfortunately, there isn’t any specific treatment designed to eliminate viral conjunctivitis. But there are some home remedies you can employ to help you recover from the inflammation quickly.

Natural Cures for Pink Eye

Primarily, rest is the best way you can do on how to speed up recovery from sore eyes. in addition, the infection may come with low-grade fever which is why you can treat the other symptoms associated with the problem.

Since it causes the eyes to water and become itchy, you can get a sterile and thin washcloth, dip it in warm water, and apply warmth to the affected eyes. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before removing the discharge to prevent worsening of the condition. Contact lenses or any eye make up should also be avoided during the course of illness.

It is highly contagious and the bacteria or virus from the soiled articles of the sufferer may be passed on to other persons. Therefore, proper hand washing and avoiding direct contact with the sufferer may be done for the mean time.

How long does it take for the problem to run its course? Apparently, this takes 4-5 days before you can actually be cured. But in the instances when persistent redness of the eyes is experienced, further medical attention should be sought immediately.




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