How Do I Know if I’m Pregnant or Not without Taking a Test

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pregnant or not morning sicknessOftentimes, the body sends signals and symptoms that could clearly indicate that a woman who has been trying to conceive is on her early pregnancy. But certainly, the best ways to check if you are really pregnant is through urine test, blood test, and ultrasound. These are just some of the processes where the doctor can finally confirm whether or not you are pregnant.

But just so you know, we’re making a list of some of the common symptoms experienced to tell whether conception has in fact taken place. Continue reading on to learn what they are.

How to Check to See if You are Pregnant without Taking a Test

Amenorrhea. This is the medical term used to refer to the absence of one’s menstrual period. However, missed period may not always connote a positive sign of pregnancy as there are other factors affecting it such as irregularity in menstruation, stress, and other underlying medical condition.

Sore Breasts. Tenderness is usually experienced in the breasts as a result of the increasing hormone which prepares a woman for the breastfeeding period. Enlargement, swollen, sore, and heavy breasts are usually the symptoms felt. Although this is another way on how to find out if you are conceiving, this may also be another symptom which happens just before your menstruation.

Bloating Feeling. Weight gain is one of the body’s indications that pregnancy may have taken place. This is a result of the growing baby in the mother’s womb. Moreover, there is an increase in size in your abdominal area.

Fatigue. Fatigue associated with sleepiness which happens more than often can be another sign that you are pregnant. This happens when the body undergoes hormonal changes.

Frequent Urination. The growing fetus in the uterus causes pressure to the bladder which makes the soon-to-be mom pee more that usual. However though, this is just experienced in the first trimester and usually fades as the pregnancy advances to later trimesters.

Morning Sickness. Nausea and vomiting usually occurs during the first trimester as a result of hormonal changes or an imbalance in the blood sugar level.

Other signs and symptoms include headaches, frequent dizziness and lightheadedness, and constipation.

The abovementioned symptoms are commonly dubbed as presumptive signs and do not necessarily indicate that you are actually pregnant since the symptoms may be a little tricky and could mean something else. Therefore, if you really want to be pretty sure about your pregnancy, you should check by purchasing a pregnancy kit test and when you find out that it is indeed positive, what to do next is to go and seek medical help immediately. Good luck!




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