How Does Air Pollution Affect Our Health?

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How Does Air Pollution Affect Our HealthOur environment is a great factor towards achieving a good and healthy body. As with water, air is very essential to human beings, we can’t survive without the air we breathe. But how clean is the air we breathe? Are we secured and healthy enough given the polluted environment we have? Imagine our lungs being filled with dirty air, this often leads to lung cancer and other lung problems.

People seem unaware of the effects of pollution. Read and learn how does air pollution affect our health?

Health Effects of Air Pollution

  • A lot of people die from lung cancer and other lung problems. This is one of the effects of pollution. We may not notice it, but it’s killing us. It’s completely a public health hazard. A lot of people are immune to pollution and they do not care anymore, it’s but natural and it’s a part of their lives but having clean air must be for everyone.
  • When breathing you send toxins to the body parts and that affects your respiratory system causing you to encounter lung problems. There can be many ways to avoid this, that is staying away from a place where air pollution is so out of control.
  • Those who are exposed to pollution have higher possibility of developing asthma and respiratory problems.
  • Air pollution is also a common cause of premature and underweight babies. Exposure of mothers who are pregnant to pollution is dangerous. As a mother, you must know how to be healthy and one way is to breathe clean and fresh air.

Living is a community free from air pollution is a great way to stay away from respiratory problems and other health problems. You are lucky enough to have the benefit of having fresh and clean air. Help save the environment and start it from yourself.




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Date: December 21, 2011 | Category: General Health
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