How Does Breakfast Promote Healthy Living?

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how does breakfast promote healthy livingBreakfast is known to be the most important meal for the day. Whatever you do everyday, it is very essential for the health that we get healthy breakfast each day. We need nutritious food for breakfast after long hour of sleep. Start you day right by eating a breakfast that will boost your energy and will make your brain function well. Our body will function properly if we eat proper and healthy.

How does breakfast promote healthy living? How does it affect our daily activities? Get these tips:

  • There are many advantages of eating a healthy breakfast. It provides nutrients that the body need in order to function well. Certain effects will be felt by the body by getting tired that fast and cannot accomplish things easily. How would you function well if you lack the nutrients your body needs. You will definitely stay away from some illnesses, you won’t easily get sick for you are guarded. Live a long and happy life, stay away from heart disease, diabetes, and chronic ulcer. And if you are healthy then you are living a happy life. Our health is our ultimate wealth.
  • We sleep for long hour at night until the next morning, we leave our stomach empty for long hours and that is the main reason why we should eat a healthy breakfast.
  • I used to skip breakfast before leading me to have acute gastritis. I took medication for months. I wasn’t allowed to eat sweets like chocolates and cakes, softdrink, fruit juices, milk, oily food items and a lot more. Those things that I love the most. It was so hard on my part but I have to. It really was a torture. I personally experienced how it felt and I didn’t like the result of my carelessness. Never let it happen to you.

Let’s all be prepared, be ready to face the world but eating our own breakfast, let us be all at our best. Be responsible enough to give yourself the best treatment you could give. Keep these things in mind on how breakfast promotes healthy living.




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Date: September 26, 2011 | Category: General Health
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