How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost

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how much does laser hair removal costHave you ever tried waxing or shaving and you just feel that these methods aren’t the things for you? Then you may want to consider laser hair removal as one permanent solution to help you with your query. Yes, it may provide a great deal of relief on your end since the results are permanent. However, it is important that you know a thing about what you’re getting into. How is the process done and how much does laser hair removal cost? Learn more to find out.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Reviews

With equipment or machine which has a tiny laser, each hair follicle is damaged permanently in order to inhibit its hair growth. Multiple visits are generally required in order to get permanent results. For some patients, they are asked to have 1 session per month for atleast 5 visits depending on how much hair has been removed.

Who is the best candidate for this type of treatment? It is suggested that people who have dark hair and pale skin are the best candidates for its use. on the other hand, treatment is also adjusted depending on the type of skin and hair.

Contraindications of Laser Hair Removal

Pregnant women are not allowed to undergo treatment. In addition, people who are taking drugs such as Accutane as well as those who undergo hormone replacement therapy should also discuss undergoing treatment with their doctor.

What are Its Side Effects?

After each treatment, the patient may experience some of the side effects, but these are only temporary:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Tingling sensation

One of the risks attributed to it is burning which is why it is important that you only go for the highly reputable clinic which can perform the specific treatment on you.

Laser Hair Removal – Cost

The price each session is dependent on many variables. For one, it depends on your clinic of choice. Another factor is the body part which you want to be treated. In most cases, the clinics offer packages which give you discounts since this type of treatment requires multiple sessions.

If you’re looking about rough estimate of its cost per session, then the price ranges from $50 – 500. For instance underarm laser hair removal cost may range from $50 – 150. The average cost is about $300. The rule only goes that the smaller the body area, the lesser the price.

Remember, response to the treatment varies from one person to another. But if this has caught your interest, then you can always go to your local clinic and inquire if it’s worth the treatment. Hope this has helped!




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