How Not to Get Drunk Easily

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drunk manSaturday nights open many avenues to mingle with your friends through a couple of events like drinking.  However, if you’re one who rarely drinks or just can’t handle having too much alcohol intake thus ending up drunk quickly, then maybe you’re looking for ways on how not to get drunk easily.  This is a must-know since once you’ve passed out drunk, you’re missing out the fun entirely. So, how to go about avoiding being drunk fast?  Read on to find out.

How Not to Get Drunk Easily

Although, the main rule when it comes to drinking to avoid the hung-over is to never drink, if you must drink though, then some of the best things that you can do to not get drunk easily are the following:

  • Limit intake of alcohol.  Know exactly how much you can handle and slow down during the session as the night is too long and getting intoxicated would be a waste.
  • Keep yourself from mixing drinks.  Doing so can make you more smashed.  Therefore, if you choose to drink beer then stick with it.  Well, in instances that you want cocktails, then make sure you drink it first, and finish of with beer.
  • Never drink on an empty stomach – this is the best way not get high on alcohol.  Make sure that you’ve eaten meals especially with carbohydrates on it as it can help you avoid being intoxicated.
  • A common disbelief by many people when they’re starting to feel the effect of alcohol is by eating sugar.  Apparently, this shouldn’t be done as it can aggravate the condition more.
  • Hydration is also a key to avoid getting drunk easily. During the session, you should drink water in between to help flush out the alcohol in your system.
  • Another rule when drinking is to choose light colored wine over the dark colored one. This is among the must-know as dark colored wine is among the culprits that can make people get drunk easily.

Sure, nothing is ever happier than drinking especially when you’re with friends.  However, make sure that you take some self-help tips or you’ll end up puking your guts out.  Good luck!




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