How to Avoid Motion Sickness on a Boat

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how to avoid motion sickness on a boatTravel lets you experience new things. It allows you to live through new cultures, traditions, and get to know people. But just so you know, there is one thing that you may get once you start to travel.  What could that be? The answer is motion sickness.

Motion sickness can be a big pain. It puts a total end in your travel style. You can get air sickness in an airplane or car sickness. But one of the most common is sea sickness which happens when you get on a sailboat, go fishing, or go on a cruise. Although it may not be life threatening, it causes great discomfort thus you look for ways on how to avoid motion sickness on a boat. Do not let it interfere with your most awaited vacation by following some of our available remedies on how to go about preventing it.

Causes and Symptoms of Sea Sickness

Generally known as motion sickness or vertigo, the condition actually roots from the disturbance in the inner ear and the eyes which then send signals to the brain which is different from the signals that are received. Therefore, it brings symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, confusion, and sweating.

Sea Sickness Prevention

Over the counter medication such as Bonine or Dramamine can be of great help on how to get rid of its symptoms. Oftentimes, any of these drugs is taken atleast an hour prior to traveling. There is also other prescript drug treatment that you can ask your medical practitioner in order to treat vertigo on a boat.

Oftentimes, your position can also help on how to treat motion sickness on the sea. For some people, they suggest that sitting on the boat’s deck is the most beneficial position since it helps you get fresh air and relieve nausea. Looking at the horizon thus focusing on a part which is distant is helpful as well. Ensure that you get plenty of rest before your sailing trip and that you didn’t consume any alcoholic drinks since having hangover can only give you the feeling of being sicker.

Avoid eating a big meal before traveling. Instead, opt for small frequent meals to prevent you from vomiting. You should also avoid greasy food and caffeinated drinks since they aggravate the situation more. Sipping on water to keep you from being dehydrated is necessary as well. Ginger ale and peppermint may be made into tea and may be drunk in replacement for water to help combat the symptoms of being nauseated.

With the abovementioned tips, you won’t be able to get sick in the stomach when you get to visit places. So make sure to follow the suggestions above to ensure a more joyous travel. Have fun!




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