How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

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how to prevent pregnancy naturallyWith the growing population of countries, there are certain places requiring parents to control pregnancy but what about when your own beliefs is contrary with the law? How can pregnancy be controlled without using contraceptives? That’s one of the issues right now for some religions totally disagree with controlling birth with the use of contraceptives. But can pregnancy be avoided using pills or condoms and others? Take these tips on how to avoid pregnancy naturally.

Natural Ways on Preventing Pregnancy

  • You have to be familiar with the days of your menstruation. Do you have a regular monthly period? Them from that information, you’ll be able to know which days or week you are fertile so you could avoid having sexual contact.
  • There’s something like an ovulation prediction kit which you can buy at drugstores. This will tell you whether you are ovulating or not. You just have to follow the instructions of use.
  • Before the menstruation, you do experience tenderness of the breasts, you have to be observant and when this happens, you are not supposed to be involved in an intercourse.
  • You must know that prior to, during and after ovulation, you must not engage yourself in sexual intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Three or four days before and after must be followed strictly.
  • Make use of withdrawal method. Though people find it not so much effective, it is still recommended for if it is used and well done properly, it can be as effective as using a condom.

If you want to be sure that you won’t get pregnant in the most unexpected time, try o consult your doctor and ask some good, effective ways to avoid pregnancy in a natural way. You doctor knows best and you’ll get more pieces of advice as well.




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