How to Avoid Travel Sickness

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And so you’ve reached your most anticipated vacation. Only that, while you’re on your way, you’re feeling symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and diarrhea or constipation. You might be suffering from travel sickness then.

Travel sickness is oftentimes known as motion sickness. Oftentimes, the condition is also referred to as car sickness or seas sickness. This takes place as a result of interruption in the inner ear brought about by the repeated motion.

To suffer from travel sickness can be a big hassle. It makes you literally sick and it can spoil your day out on vacation. Hence, we give you some ways on how to avoid travel sickness. Learn more after the jump.

Reduce the Effects of Motion Sickness through Various Remedies

  • Primarily, before the trip, it is pretty important that you are able to have enough rest. Being too tired will make you more vulnerable to being stressed. Getting enough sleep will help you prevent jet lag as well.
  • To avoid travel sickness especially air sickness, you also need to pick the right seat. Sitting near the wings of the plane is suggested since there is less turbulence in that area. In a car, sit on the front seat while the middle area is where you can sit on the boat.
  • What you eat also plays an important role on how to go about preventing motion sickness. With this, you must avoid consumption of greasy and spicy food. Alcoholic drinks should be eliminated as well since it will eventually make you feel sick. Instead, opt for small and frequent meals to make you feel light and avoid bloating.
  • Ginger tea and peppermint candies may also be chewed as measures to remove incidence of nausea.
  • Never read while traveling as it increases the pressure between what your eyes see and what your body feels.
  • Simple relaxation techniques may also be practiced to relieve the symptoms brought about by the condition. Breathing techniques and diversional activities may be done on how to get rid of the problem.
  • Over the counter medications may also be utilized to fight off the sickness. Dramamine and Bonine are some of the most popular brands which can be taken as effective ways to get rid of the condition. Rugby travel sickness pills are also making a name which can help stop the problem.

It is possible to prevent motion sickness and avoid your long-awaited vacation from being ruined provided that you follow some of the tips mentioned above. Have a safe travel everyone!




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