How to Burn Calories Fast While Sitting

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burn calories fast while sitting

Exercise plays a vital role in keeping an individual healthy and fit. However, not all people are able to go to the gym or even perform exercises at home because of busy lifestyle. Added to that is the nature of work that most people perform nowadays which require them to sit for long hours.

But did you know that you can still burn calories whether you’re stuck facing your computers or even at home while sitting? Yeah, there are some you can actually do, however they may not help you burn body fat quick and fast since cardiovascular exercises are always the best exercises you can perform when trying to lose weight. But what are some easy ways you can do? Let’s see.

Quick and Easy Ways to Burn Calories While Sitting

One of the best ways to lose body fat is by drinking water. Having a bottle of water on your desk and ensuring that you get enough water during the entire shift. The habit of drinking water lets one feel that he is filled thus it lessens the person’s desire to eat. Some studies also show that the colder the water you drink, the more it can burn calories fast. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice dissolved in warm water may be drunk as well to provide benefits in your quest.

Simple stretching activities for your neck, arms, hands, legs, and foot areas will definitely help you with your quest. This can be done by flexing your neck once in while. The shoulders can be rolled upward and backward thus relieving stress on the area. Shoulders and arms can be stretched backward and forward as well. Ankles can be rotated in clockwise and counterclockwise motions. Even abs exercises can be done by contracting them while sitting and holding them for some minutes before releasing. Repetitions can be done at a 20-minute interval. When you sleep, inhaling and exhaling while sleeping help in shedding off some calories, therefore this may be done as well when you’re just sitting.

Providing proper nutrition should not be forgotten, too. But this can be done by choosing a recipe that consists of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Avoid too much sugary products and junk foods which can only add calories. Meals can also be broken down into small and frequent servings. Keeping your mind busy and thinking too much also exercises your other muscles which help in burning calories and divert your attention for the need to eat more than often.

While the abovementioned tips may not be the fastest ways on how to lose body fat, they may also be beneficial in helping you with your quest. Good luck!




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