How to Calm a Gassy Baby

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calming a gassy babyBouts with too much gas can bring about an intense cry of your little one since this can be extremely discomforting.  The condition which is known as infantile colic causes the newborn babies to let out a wretchedly cry at any time of the day. Although the exact cause of the condition is not specific yet, many believe that it happens because the digestive tract of the newborn is not mature enough. And as always, seeing your little one cry inconsolably can be frustrating as a parent. But there are actually some things you can do on how to calm a gassy baby. Read the entire article below on how to go about dealing with this situation.

How to Calm a Gassy Baby

  1. Massage the abdomen of your baby in a circular motion to provide comfort and help soothe feeling of abdominal pain. You can make use of essential oils to massage your baby’s tummy.
  2. Make sure that you burp your little one every after feedings. Hold his chin up and pat his back thus helping to pass the gas out of his digestive system.
  3. You can also drape your infant in a warm blanket to provide relief.
  4. If the baby is breastfed, you can feed him on demand to provide comfort as well as enough nutrition.
  5. As a breastfeeding mom, there are some foods to avoid such as those which are gas-forming such as caffeine, broccoli, cabbage, and dairy products.
  6. Small frequent meals may be given to your child if he is bottlefed. You can also ask your pediatrician regarding baby milk formula replacement which can make your infant colicky.
  7. You can also buy over the counter drops which can be helpful on how to treat gassy baby. Some examples are Mylicon drops which can help get rd of gas. Another is colic calm gripe water. This homeopathic remedy is among the home remedies which can alleviate discomfort from reflux, and gas of your little one.

Do not let your baby be fussy about the symptoms of colic. Stop him from squirming because of the pain that excessive gas in the abdomen brings by following our tips on how to calm a gassy baby.




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Date: June 14, 2011 | Category: Kid's Health
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