How to Check Pulse Rate Manually

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Check Pulse Rate ManuallyGenerally, there are four cardinal or vital signs that we need to assess. These include body temperature, blood pressure (BP), respirations, and pulse rate. Usually, these signs should be closely monitored as they play essential roles in determining how well the body functions. For instance body temp should be checked for cases of fever; blood pressure to determine low or high BP; respirations to assess breathing; and pulse rate for hear rate measurement.

In today’s post, we’ll be talking about how to check pulse rate manually. The pulse is defined as the rate at which your heart beats. Apparently, there are several sites where you can check the pulse rate such as on neck, on wrist, in legs, in feet, and many others. This is how to check pulse rate manually on the wrist.

Check Pulse Rate on the Wrist

Before assessing the vital sign mentioned, it is important that the patient should be at rest, relaxed, and calm. Several factors can affect the results such as exercise if you’re athletic or have just performed any activity.  In addition, stress and fever can also lead to high results whereas certain position, specifically standing, can give low results.

To start off, one should locate the patient’s pulse. Since we’ll be doing it on the wrist, you can find it on the thumb side of the inner aspect of the wrist. Try using your index and middle fingers to feel the pulse. Never use your thumb as it has its own pulse.

Once you’ve located and felt it, count the number of beats for one whole minute. There are specific variations in the normal number of pulse rate depending on age. In adults, the normal and average level generally falls between 60-100 beats per minute.

Knowing how to check pulse rate manually is an important task that almost everyone should know since any irregularities or abnormally high or fast results can be a sign of heart diseases and might be prone to heart attack. But as far as the basics are concerned, this is how you can do it. Hope this has helped.




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