How to Choose a Healthy Diet for Teenagers

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how to choose the right diet for teenagersTeaching your child to eat a healthy diet is a good foundation for your child as he/she grows up. They must be aware of the healthy food items that they must eat for them to be healthy and strong. Letting your child learn this at a young age will make them more conscious of the things they eat but still parents must be in direct supervision of the meals of your child. Make sure that what they eat at home are healthy. You may not be in control of the food they take outside the house but you will definitely be able to give the best at home and knowing that you taught well on this, they would definitely pick what’s good for them.

Choosing the Right Diet for Teens

  1. Teenagers are fond of trying new things especially when it comes to food. They would want to take everything that looks delicious and colorful. It makes them salivate. They are easily influenced by peers and so at home you must eliminate junk food and soda. When going to the grocery store, do not buy some junk food so you won’t have anything to keep at home.
  2. Let them eat healthy meals by preparing a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give them food that will boost their energy and will keep them on the go all the time. It would be great to start a day with a healthy breakfast made especially by you.
  3. Follow the food pyramid. Having this guide will give you and your teens the proper nutrition they need. Let them learn to eat fruits and vegetables for they are rich in vitamins, and minerals and a good source of fiber.
  4. Since you don’t have a control of the food they serve in school, it would be great if you send a healthy packed lunch and snacks for your teen and an apple or banana.
  5. Have a deal with your teen, it would be too harsh on his part if you do not allow him at all to have a taste of junk food because for sure, he is doing it behind your back so there must be a deal between you and your teen. He must know his limitation, he must know how to control. Trust is very much important if you do this.

Learning the proper and healthy diet at a young age would be a great help as children grows up. Being parents, you must know how to choose a healthy diet for teenagers. Keeping them healthy will keep them away from diseases.




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Date: October 14, 2011 | Category: General Health
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