How to Cure a Vodka Hangover

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cure vodka hangoverAfter a heavy consumption of any alcoholic drinks, something unpleasant comes next – alcohol hangover. This distasteful feeling usually results to symptoms such as headache, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, and a lot more. Some of the causes why the condition happen are due to dehydration, decline in the blood sugar level, and excessive intoxication to the liquor.

All alcoholic drinks have the tendency to give you a massive hangover.  However, studies show that drinking vodka reduces the amount of hang over you’ll experience compared to drinking tequila, rum, and dark-colored liquors. Still, there is a chance of getting hung over by it, so what if it strikes you? How to cure a vodka hangover, you ask? Learn how to get rid of it by following the steps.

How to Cure a Vodka Hangover

If you’re suffering from vodka hangover, rest is the best way to help you get rid of that massive hang over. Allow your body to recover by taking a lot of rest and sleep. Another way on how to cure a vodka hangover is to drink plenty of fluids since dehydration is one of the main causes why the condition happens. Replenish with plenty of water as well as sports drinks which replace electrolytes as well.

Diarrhea may be present as another symptom of drinking excessively. Therefore, go on a soft and bland diet to avoid upsetting your stomach more. With this, eat the BRAT diet which consists of food such as bread, rice, apples, and toast. Bananas may be eaten as well since it’s rich in potassium and provides a constipating effect. Jell-O may be eaten, too as part of the soft diet. Over the counter medication may be ingested such as ibuprofen to provide relief from headache. Loperamide may be taken for diarrhea on the other hand.

Dealing with hangover is no fun which is why prevention is still better than cure. Sthe best prevention may be is to avoid drinking if you are non-drinker. You can also opt for the high end vodka such as the Chopin vodka to give you lesser hangovers.  But yeah, what we’ve given are some self-help tips on how to cure a vodka hangover. Good luck!




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