How to Cure Cough with Phlegm

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cure cough with phlegmSure, coughing may be the body’s natural defense of getting rid of any foreign material in the respiratory tract. However, it gets extremely annoying especially if coughing is accompanied with phlegm.  Basically, cough is categorized into two such as dry cough and productive cough. the cause usually range  from allergies and common cold to a more serious condition of the respiratory system.

Apparently, chronic coughing with mucus is something that requires medical attention. It can be extremely discomforting to suffer in such situation especially in babies suffering from whooping cough. And while expectorants are always a part of the treatment for the condition, oftentimes home remedies actually work well in getting rid of the symptoms naturally. What are some of the effective and natural methods you can use? Continue reading below then.

How to Stop Cough with Phlegm without Medicine

Immediate interventions are needed once symptoms of coughing are experienced in order to prevent progress to other airway conditions. Therefore, some of the effective remedies can be done:

Steam inhalation – the steam from boiling water should be inhaled by the sufferer as this helps in thinning down the mucus and facilitate easier breathing. Eucalyptus and peppermint oil may be added for further relief.

Warm beverages – like ginger, honey, and lemon juice are beneficial to provide soothing relief in the tract and help on how to get rid and dry up cough with mucus. Your tea preparation may also be added with pepper and grape juice for added benefits. Thyme tea makes an effective beverage as well since its known as a natural expectorant.

Lukewarm water – is always the most effective home remedy beneficial in treating the problem.

Shun smoking – its smoke can aggravate the situation even more and can suppress the recovery period for the problem.

For fast results, just follow our tips given above to ensure that you will be perfectly good from the annoying cough. Stay healthy!




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