How to Cure Eczema in Babies

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Eczema in BabiesAtopic dermatitis or commonly known as eczema is a skin condition which can occur at any age.  Basically, it’s pretty manageable in adults, however seeing the condition hit children especially babies and toddlers can make them be distressed and uncomfortable and can make a parent disheartened.  So, what causes this situation? How to cure eczema in babies, you wonder?  Read on to find out the causes, the symptoms and how to treat it.

Causes of Eczema in Babies and Toddlers

Research is still ongoing regarding what the exact cause of eczema is in babies.  However, there are a lot of associated risk factors why this condition grow rapidly among the age group.  Among them are the following:

  • Weak immune system
  • Diet
  • Allergy due to detergent, dust, dander, pollen, etc
  • Familial History

Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis

This skin condition is associated with dry and flaky skin lesions. Oftentimes, this may be manifested with raised and cracked reddish skin which may appear on any part of the body particularly the trunk.  Apparently, this isn’t contagious, but may cause infection when scratched.  Therefore, all parents should opt to treat infants confronted with the situation.

How to Treat Eczema in Babies

  • Since the skin moisture is lost when newborns are suffering from eczema, you can bring it back by using mild soaps that are hypoallergenic such as Dove and Cetaphil. Hand lotion may be applied, but keep away from any products with dyes, alcohols, and perfumes which can irritate and dry the skin even more.
  • Over the counter medication such as steroid creams may be bought to relieve inflammation caused by the condition. Since it may cause infection when scratched, keep your child’s nails short or wrapped in mittens to keep them from being scratched.
  • Eliminate allergens found from food and other external factors which can aggravate the solution.  Milk may be among the reasons for its occurrence, therefore ask your doctor’s advice in regarding substitute for milk formulas. Wheat, fish, berries, soy, and a lot more may also add up to it.
  • Clothe your baby in 100% cotton apparel instead of the synthetic ones to avoid irritation.
  • Natural remedies such as Aloe vera, chamomile tea, and olive oil are accounted effective in treating atopic dermatitis.

As far as natural remedies to cure eczema in babies, the tips stated above may be followed. However, chronic or recurrent occurrence of the condition should be consulted to a health professional to prompt medical treatment accordingly.




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