How to Cure Edema Naturally

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Does your eyelid or lower extremity feel like they’re logged with too much water? Most probably, there might be some fluid accumulation in those areas thus resulting to a condition termed as – edema. Edema may result to various causes which range from mild reasons such as excessive intake of sodium rich foods and prolonged standing up to serious medical problems like heart, kidney, thyroid, and liver conditions. Oftentimes, swelling occurs in many women as a result of premenstrual syndrome where the hormones are on its peak and during pregnancy.

Apparently, one of the most noted symptoms of the problem is puffiness of the affected area such as in feet, legs, ankles, hands, fingers, neck, and even in the facial area. The problem also goes side by side with high blood pressure and increased pulse rate. Generally, treatment of the condition revolves around underlying what the main cause is. Once the specific cause has been tended to, you can also follow some ways on how to cure edema naturally. The article tackles down some of the natural ways you can use on how to get rid of the problem.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Edema

Diet modification is one of the best home remedies on how to start getting rid of the problem. Since high sodium intake is one of the culprits for its occurrence, it is essentially important to lessen intake of food high in sodium. Stay away from junk foods, processed foods, and canned ones which are naturally high in the said element thus posing you at risk for retention of fluid in your system.

Since edema is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body, many think that water should be extremely avoided. But in reality, for those suffering from bloating as a result of PMS, you must drink atleast eight to ten glasses to flush off toxins in your system. However, sufferers from serious medical conditions should talk to their doctors regarding the minimum intake of water.

Natural diuretics such as green leafy vegetables and many others may be consumed to reduce fluid levels. Herbs such as dandelion, parsley, and horsetail may be taken to decrease amount of water build up in the body.

Moderate exercises such as stretching, walking, and running may be done to improve blood circulation thus helping the affected areas deflate some water out of the body. Elevating legs by propping a pillow under them is another remedy that can help your tootsies as well.

The abovementioned tips will surely help you on how to cure edema naturally. However, there are some instances that might need medical treatment to be prompted accordingly. If this is the case, make sure to talk with your doctor about it.




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