How to Cure Excessive Facial Sweating

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how to cure excessive facial sweatingWhen you are faced with the situation where your face seems to have increased perspiration despite cool temperatures, then you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis. Over facial sweating which includes constant and excessive perspiring on the areas of the hair, scalp, face, and neck can be a big pain since it can contribute to a greasier look thus making you look so messed up.

One of the most obvious symptoms it gives is too much wetness. If this is the case then, you should free yourself from the embarrassment it brings. Therefore learn more on how to cure excessive facial sweating by reading the entire post below.

How to Treat Heavy Facial Perspiration

One conventional treatment used for the problem is the use of antiperspirants. Nowadays, there are numerous products made for the face which can serve to reduce sweating. Gross at it may sound; some sufferers actually apply the product on their face before they go to bed at night, and then wash off immediately upon awakening. Some of the most notable products include Megadry, Drysol, and Anhydrol Forte.

Medication treatment such as Robinul helps in preventing your sweat glands from being stimulated thus decreasing the incidence of perspiring. Others also make use of isotretinoin which reduces oil production therefore providing great help to the condition. However, these drugs need prescription which is why it is better to talk to your general physician about it.

Another method on how to get rid of chronic and heavy sweating is an operation called Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy. This goes for severe cases and used as option when nothing seems to work. This cuts off the nerves which are responsible for your body’s too much perspiration.

Finally, Botox injection is one of the most common options for treatment of the hyperhidrosis. Botolinum toxin type A is injected and therefore blocking the nerves which stimulate excessive sweat production. The procedure is more commonly used in the armpits, but you can also ask you healthcare professional about using in on the facial area.

All hope is not lost for you case as there are a lot of ways you can do on how to cure the problem. So, go see your medical professional immediately and consider these options to finally put a stop on your annoying case.




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