How to Cure Insomnia without Drugs

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how to cure insomnia without drugsNot having a good night sleep is already awful enough to make you feel irritable in the morning. What more if it happens every night? That would be terrible, isn’t it? Apparently, several people are suffering from insomnia. And while there are several drugs used to treat insomnia, you cannot fully rely on them or you’ll be posed to undesirable side effects later.  So, how to cure insomnia without drugs then?  Continue reading on to learn more.

Natural Cure for Insomnia

Say, if you’re dealing with how to go about inducing sleep minus the use of medications, a couple of home remedies and lifestyle treatment can help you get rid of the problem. Therefore, follow some of the tips below.

  • Your room is designed for sleeping. With this, avoid any actions such as eating, watching television, Internet surfing, etc on your bedroom.
  • Set an environment conducive to sleeping such as good pillow and comforters and cool temperature.
  • Taking a warm bath an hour before bedtime also helps you induce slumber.
  • While there aren’t any foods that cure insomnia specifically, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and high in fiber can help improve the condition. Moreover, there are foods which can stimulate sleep such as milk and tea. Also, you must avoid drinks such as coffee and softdrinks since its caffeine content does not help on how to cure insomnia. This should be avoided hours before sleeping or later in the day.
  • Do not smoke hours before going to sleep.
  • Regular exercise in the morning helps your system and aids in good sleeping pattern. Remember not to do this at night though or you’ll continue with your bouts of insomnia.

With the abovementined natural insomnia treatment, you’ll be able to finally sleep like a log and shy away from popping sleeping pills. Make sure to follow these tips!





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Date: December 14, 2011 | Category: General Health
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