How to Cure Tuberculosis Naturally

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cure tuberculosis naturallyTuberculosis (TB) is a highly contagious disease which continues to become prevalent in any part of the world especially in the developing countries. The condition used to be the major cause of death years ago, but up until now many people are still afflicted with this respiratory tract disorder alongside pneumonia and bronchitis. With proper compliance to the medication treatment, the disease can be fought off easily. In addition, there are also natural remedies that are recommended to help cure tuberculosis naturally.  Usually, the home treatment is focused on boosting one’s immune system to treat and prevent further progression of the disease. This article lists what the things you can do are so read on.

How to Treat Tuberculosis Naturally

Among the most recommended natural way on how to fight off the illness is to ensure that you get plenty of Vitamin D. they say that exposure from the sunlight will help you boost your immune system thus aiding in killing off the bacteria causing the disease. On the other hand, balanced diet also adds on the list on how to cure tuberculosis naturally. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals help in giving your body enough strength to combat TB and other diseases. Fruit juices which are rich in Vitamin C may be added as well to speed up recovery. Vitamins and mineral supplements may also be taken by the patient.

As for the other home remedies, among the highly recommended are:

  • Garlic cloves boiled with milk and water can be an ideal home treatment for the condition since garlic has an antibacterial property.
  • Propolis also helps to strengthen immune system because of its antibacterial component.
  • Barberry may also be added in the diet of the patient to combat TB.
  • Another home remedy and herbal treatment is the horsetail. This helps replace silica levels lost in bones during the period of illness.
  • Pineapple juice added with a little amount of salt, honey, and pepper can be taken by the sufferer once daily to help dissolve mucus.

There are just a lot of ways on how to cure tuberculosis naturally. However, the abovementioned tips are not always suggested to replace medical interventions. Instead, they can be done alongside each other to fully recover and aid in prevention of transmission of bacteria to other individuals.




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