How to Cure Vitamin A Deficiency

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Cure Vitamin A DeficiencyVitamins are essential in the body for it to function in its optimal level. For instance, when there is a deficiency in Vitamin A signs and symptoms such as night blindness or medically known as xeropthalmia. Drying and scaling of the skin, pruritus, eye inflammation, skin disorders, and a lot more may also manifest as other symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency (VAD). This is a common occurrence in many developing countries and some of the causes are due to insufficient ingestion of substances rich in the said vitamin as well as the body’s inability to absorb fat particularly those who have had intestinal surgery, and excessive alcohol consumption. You may be wondering how to cure vitamin A deficiency? Here’s how…

How to Treat Vitamin A Deficiency

Starting off, we always know that prevention is way better than cure. Therefore, intake of fortified Viatmin A food sources as well as those which contain high amount of the said vitamin should be taken as among the home remedies. Some of the included foods are: liver, beef, chicken, eggs, whole milk, carrots, and green leafy vegetables.

However, deficit or lack in Vitamin A levels can be further justified by a doctor. On this note, if you suspect this issue, your doctor will then ask you to undergo diagnostic tests such as rod scotometry and electroretinopathy which aid in determining low levels. But mostly, treatment on how to cure Vitamin A deficiency revolves about giving it orally. Certain doses are given depending on age and case. In other instances, where VAD is severe, parenteral nutrition is given as an effective medication of choice.  Vitamin A palmitate has rare occurrence of side effects is rare. There may be plenty of benefits though, however, one should not overdose as high amount may be toxic to the body and adverse reaction such as depression may be experienced.




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