How to Cure Voice Loss

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cure voice lossIt can be pretty discomforting when you wake up one morning and find out that you lost your voice. No, we won’t be talking about dysphonia or the disorder where you lose speech or inability to produce voice sound. Instead, we’ll be dealing about issues why we lose our voice and how to go about treating them. So, why do we lose our voice anyways?

Apparently, there are several causes why one experiences lost of voice. One cause is when we have laryngitis where the larynx or the voice box becomes inflamed due to bacterial or viral infection. Other reasons include allergies, pollutants and excessive strain to the voice box such as screaming and singing too much. The condition is actually associated with a variety of symptoms such as:

  • Hoarseness
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Fever

While pain relievers and antibiotics are actually helpful on how to cure voice loss, most people seek relief through the power of home remedies which are effective as well on how to treat the symptoms and speed up recovery. Having said these, take a look at the entire article as it helps you deal with your quest.

Quick Voice Loss Home Remedies

Home treatment for the condition usually revolves around taking a lot of rest. Resting your voice and preventing yourself from straining to talk is always the best ways on how to get rid of the situation. Drinking adequate amount of liquid, particularly water and fruit juices, is beneficial in soothing your larynx. Warm beverages instead of the cold ones help in reducing swelling caused by the problem. You can make ginger tea mixed with honey to provide soothing relief for the condition. Lemon juice mixed with a little amount of apple cider vinegar may be drunk as well. Another effective home remedy is to gargle saltwater solution by dissolving half a teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water every two hours. This aids in getting rid of the bacteria or virus causing the infection and reduces swelling of the voice box.

Inhalation of steam is also another way on how to cure voice loss. Do this by inhaling the vapor from a bowl filled with boiling water. Another option is by running a hot water bath and breathing its vapor deeply. A humidifier is also suggested for use to keep moist air which facilitates breathing and reduces swelling of the voice box.

Herbal teas provide great benefits in soothing the inflammation. You can make licorice tea, black pepper, basil leaves, and turmeric powder. Lozenges or sugarless candies may be sucked on as well. Avoid mouthwashes with alcohols and dyes since they can dry the oral area even more and may cause irritation in the larynx. Other lifestyle modifications such as smoking cessation and cutting off alcohol intake must be done to prevent further trauma to the area.

Were you surprised that there are actually a lot of home remedies which can help you on how to cure voice loss? Finally, if loss of voice seems to be persistent and doesn’t heal despite these traditional remedies, it is always better to seek medical attention to be prompted with proper treatment accordingly.




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