How to Eat Cucumber to Cure Acidity

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eat cucumber to cure acidity

Cucumbers do have the ability to reduce discomfort because of too much acid in the stomach. Heartburn is caused by the acid that goes up and will eventually make you feel heard of breathing and even palpitations. There are pills being taken to minimize acid in the stomach but sometimes they do not work well and so one of the natural remedies is eating cucumbers to treat acidity. Hyperacidity is caused by some food intake that forms acid in the stomach such as softdrinks, coffee, spicy food, alcohol intake and sweets. Overeating is also one of the reasons why. Stay away from these things so you won’t be bothered.

Ways to Eat Cucumber to Treat Acidity

  • Take fresh cucumbers. You have to be very good in choosing cucumbers. Take those that are dark- green in color so you would be sure it’s fresh.
  • You then cut the cucumber (not too think) into slices then eat 2 slices every two hours or it depends on how severe is your feeling of discomfort because of acidity.
  • You can have a salad. Dress cucumber with yogurt, cheese or other ingredients.
  • You can have your own dressing for your cucumber. There are ways how you could eat it, you can make your own sandwich with cucumbers.
  • There are those who use vinegar in cucumber salad, I suggest that you must not, it will increase acid in your stomach.

Learn these remedy tips in order to cure hyperacidity. Take the natural way, be benefited from cucumbers for they help much in taking away the discomfort you feel when hyperacidity strikes you




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Date: September 19, 2011 | Category: General Health
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