How to Gain Weight Fast for Men

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gain weight fast for men

These days, men are also keen on looking good and having that ideal body like what they see on television and a couple of print advertisements. The bad side though is that not all men are gifted with that body to drool for especially those skinny people who have fast metabolism. If you are among those men who are trying to know how to gain weight fast for men, then lucky you as we are here to give you some ways on how to catch up with the ideal body that you want to have. Learn more of the tips by reading the entire post.

Gain Weight Fast for Men

You want to be a weight gainer, don’t you? Then one of the things that you can do is to focus on your diet. In order to achieve your goal, you have to increase your calorie intake to 250-500 calories per day. But make sure that the calories you are going to increase do not consist of unhealthy food sources. You can healthy beverages and fruit juices on your diet. Your protein intake should also be increased with one gram per pound of body weight. Doing so will help you build muscle fast and increase body mass. Best sources of protein include dairy products, eggs, fish, red meat, and poultry.

After you’ve set your diet plan, you also have to keep an effort on your workout routine. Enroll in a gym and work on the volume of your workout. Start in a moderate pace at first by hitting some weight training exercises to help you build more muscles. While aerobic exercises may be suitable for some, for people who want to gain weight, this shouldn’t be done since aero exercises are those with slow metabolism thus these will only cause you to shed off some pounds. It is always better to consult your gym instructor to learn more about the process of gaining weight and building body muscles.

Other people rely on dietary supplements which promise to help them gain muscle fast. While others are genuine and attest by their promise to help you with your quest, you have to be careful and see to it that the content of the supplements are not harmful or detrimental to your health.

In the event that you don’t seem to gain weight despite measures given above, you should see your health care practitioner in order to arrange plans on how to successfully achieve your quest. Hence, as far as how to gain weight for men fast, the abovementioned will definitely be of big help.




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Date: August 30, 2011 | Category: Men's Health
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