How to Get Philhealth Number

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how to get Philhealth number

As a result to the increasing cost of healthcare in the Philippines, the government has come up with the idea on how to help the people with their medical fees, and that is through – Philhealth. Public or private workers in the Philippines alongside overseas Filipino workers are deducted a portion of their monthly salary as Philhealth contribution.

Yet, many people still ask how to get Philhealth number. Lucky you as you’ve come to the right post where we’ll answer your query on the said topic. Learn more by reading this post below.

How Do You Get Your Philhealth Number

Apparently, once you’ve become employed in one company, it is your HR who will process your Philhealth no. You will be asked to fill in the Member’s Data Record (MDR) form and he/she will process it. The number that will be given to you by your HR will actually be your lifetime Philhealth number. Therefore, once you’ve left your company and your new employer will ask for your number, then the best thing you can do is to get it from your previous company.

Anyhow, if you still want to check what your number is, you can go to your nearest Philhealth branch, present ID card, and you’ll be asked to fill in a form. They will eventually process it and later on, they will give you your MDR.

There is also another way on how your query will be answered. You can get your Philhealth number through text by keying in PHIC<space>PIN<space>LName, Fname<space>BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960.

Although many have suggested trying the textline, others say that this doesn’t work at all. It’s worth giving a try, though. But if you want a certain way on how to get your Philhealth number, then obviously the best way you can do is to inform the nearest Philhealth branch about it by reaching their offices or calling their contact number 637-3754 to verify your record.




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