How to Get Pregnant with a Baby Girl

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how to get pregnant with a baby girlIt is already given that soon-to-be parents are wishing to have a healthy baby. No one can argue with that. The gender preference of the baby, however, is the main issue that they are trying to tackle. Are you a mom who wants to become pregnant with a baby girl? You’ve come to the right post then as we’ll suggest some ways on how to get pregnant with a baby girl. Excited, much? Read after the jump then.

Tips for Getting a Baby Girl

  • Get the proper timing. They say that in order to make a baby girl, it is important that you have sexual intercourse three to four days before the ovulation period. We all know that the male chromosomes are responsible for the baby’s gender. Male sperm which carries the Y chromosome will give you a baby boy while the X will give you a girl. It is noted that sexing near or on the ovulation day will give you a baby boy.
  • The sex position also gives you a chance on getting a girl. The sperm when released farther away form the cervix encourages conception of a baby girl. Therefore, some of the best way to conceive a daughter is through intercourse positions like – missionary, spooning, and woman on top.
  • They say that what the woman eats is also essential on how to become pregnant with a baby girl. The woman should eat food items such as soy products, nuts, chocolates, and fish. Naturally, they are high in magnesium which affects the pH level of the vagina positively.

Although these methods may be present on how to get pregnant with a baby girl, it is not guaranteed that you will eventually get a baby girl. However, there is no harm with the suggestions though. So maybe this can be worth trying. Good luck!




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Date: December 29, 2011 | Category: General Health
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