How to Get Rid of Fluid in Ear

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fluid in earSwimmer’s ear – this is another name intended to refer to otitis externa or the painful condition where water is trapped in ear. Although the condition is tagged with swimming, it can happen from merely taking a bath or shower. Having blocked ear happens to individuals of all ages, and apart from the annoyance and discomfort it brings, the situation can be a little worrysome since it poses one to complications like serious ear infection.

Fluid in ear doesn’t allow you to hear properly. Oftentimes it can cause dizziness, nausea, and a feeling of sinus pressure. Wondering how to get rid of fluid in ear? Find out for the answers below.

How to Remove Water Trapped in Ear

Oftentimes, blocked ear may be reduced by taking antihistamines and decongestants especially when the situation is caused by colds and flu. Since it is also painful at times, anti-inflammatory OTC medicines may be taken, too. You can also drop a small amount of over the counter ear drops to seek relief from the condition.

Warmth should be applied on the site by using heat compress. Heated towel may be placed on the area of affectation to help remove pain and fluid build-up on the ear. You can also position yourself by lying down on your side thus allowing the water to flow out of your ear. Through a hair blower, accumulated fluid in the site maybe dried up as well.

One home remedy to help you with your quest is the apple cider vinegar. Three to four drops of it may be put on the affected site through a medical dropper. Draining of the fluid may be done by lying on your side after the apple cider vinegar has been dropped. Hydrogen peroxide is another alternative.

Chewing gums and pretending as if you’re yawning is also another natural way on how to get rid of fluid in ear. Doing so helps to open up the Eustachian tube thus allowing drainage of the water accumulation.

With the abovementioned tips, fluid build-up should be gotten rid already. However, in instances when the condition has become persistent, a trip to a doctor maybe better in order for it to be checked and prompted medical treatment accordingly.




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